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Carlyle is located approximately 50 miles East of St. Louis, Missouri, and is home to Illinois' largest man-made lake, Carlyle Lake, and to the General Dean Suspension Bridge, a suspension bridge that is the only one of its kind in Illinois and crosses the Kaskaskia River.

People who choose to relocate to Carlyle from “big cities” quickly learn that they do not have to completely give up access to metropolitan amenities. Carlyle residents enjoy great proximity to the St. Louis metropolitan region and are able to reach its shopping, sports, entertainment, history, and arts with just a short drive.

Carlyle residents do not have far to go for excellent health care. In fact, Carlyle is home to many health care professionals, including family physicians, dermatologist, dentists, physical therapists, and chiropractors. World-class children’s and research hospitals are also just a short drive away in St. Louis. St. Joseph’s Hospital Breese, Illinois.

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We currently offer 3 eight bed CILA home in the Carlyle Area.

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